Test your Carpathian knowledge and win the prize

Do you know the size of one of the most beautiful recreational and natural areas of Europe? If your answer is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – because we accept both – do join us in the first ever Carpathian Quiz!

This Quiz is a part of the three-year Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project Centralparks, which brings together eight partners from 7 European countries. 

With this Interreg Centralparks Carpathian Quiz you can show us your knowledge about this magnificent Carpathian region or deepen it, since each answer will be explained. Enjoy the educative nature character of this Quiz, take part, and submit your results with the button at the end of the quiz. 

To attend the quiz, you must:
1) Be over 18 years old and be based in Europe;
2) Read and answer all 17 questions carefully;
3) Agree to the terms and conditions, found here.

Entry deadline: The quiz will run from 1st June 2021 to 19th July 2021.

How and when are the winners determined? Given the non-competitive nature of this quiz, we will use a random generator to select the winners. The persons selected will then be reached via their email address within the 14 days after the closing date.

What if I get my answers wrong? This quiz is of educative rather than competitive character. For this reason, do not worry in case you get any of your answers wrong – there will still be a place to learn as the correct information on the topic will appear immediately after you choose your preferred option. Moreover, regardless of the answers, every participant will be included in the selection of winners.

What is the prize and how will I receive it? The prize is not monetary and does not include cash, nor can it be exchanged for a different prize. The prize includes the selected gifts from numerous Centralparks partners. The gifts will be shipped to the address that you will provide to us later on in case you are chosen as winner on the random winner generator platform.

All your personal data which is necessary to award you like your name, email address, and home address will be handled according to the GDPR regulations. Please be kindly aware, however, that we might publish your name and poem and announce you as a raffle winner.

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Looking forward to your answers and poems,

The Centralparks partners




The Carpathian beauty, the Carpathian spots,

Once you are done with the quiz - try connecting the dots.

Why we try to protect? Why we try to preserve?

Maybe that is exactly what nature deserves?


The diverse and unique ecosystems and species

Have existed around for the millions of years.

Due to the negative human decisions,

Both of these are now facing degradational fears.


We can turn this around,

We can manage this better

By establishing ground,

That will finally matter.


We thus aim to promote the transregional measures,

That will help in protecting Carpathian treasures.

We improve the capacities, run the new projects;

We consider importance of widely-shared knowledge.


If we care a bit more and disturb a bit less

Then together we will manage this place at its best.

Why we try to protect? Why we try to preserve?

Oh well, simply because that’s what nature deserves.


1. How many years ago did the Carpathian Mountains form?
2. When did the last volcanic activity in the Carpathians happen?
3. How large are the Carpathians?
4. What is the highest peak in the Carpathians?
5. In which countries lie the Carpathian Mountains?
6. There are numerous protected areas in the Carpathians. What exactly has to be protected within these areas?
7. The White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area (PLA) is located at the border line between two different countries. What countries are those?
8. In the Carpathians, which habitat type is most species-rich?
9. Which of these animals live in the Carpathians?
10. The Carpathians also provide a habitat for the largest, most vital populations of large carnivores in Europe. How many brown bears are living in the Carpathians?
11. The Carpathian Mountains hold over one third of all European plant species. Its flora is composed of 3,988 species and subspecies belonging to 131 families and 710 genera. How many of these species are endemic?
12. What do you think the name ‘Lady´s slipper‘ stands for?
13. To safeguard all the above species within their respective protected areas, The Interreg Centralparks project has been created. Its key aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange between the Carpathian protected area managers. Why do you think this has to be done?
14. Now that you have familiarised yourself with the aim of the Centralparks project, what do you think is included in the Centralparks’ 1st Thematic Work Package?
15. The 2nd Thematic Work Package of the Centralparks project specifically focuses on building capacities of the protected area managers. What, in your view, will the experts of this Work Package develop to achieve such goal?
16. Ecosystem Services are complex and interrelated ecological systems that support human life and local development in general. Another idea of this project is therefore to raise awareness on the extent to which humans depend on a healthy environment. Hence, the 3rd Thematic Work Package of Centralparks aims to develop a Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit. Why do you think it is important to develop such ecosystem services assessment standards?
17. As a final task, please create your own four-line piece about the Carpathians. Feel free to do this in whatever language you prefer!