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Improving integrated environmental management capacities of protected area administrations and other public sector entities dealing with the protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

Reconciling and linking the conservation of biological and landscape diversity to sustainable local socio-economic development

Promoting the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas as the framework and tool for transnational collaboration between the protected areas of the Carpathian countries in the Central Europe cooperation area.

Latest Project News

Dear Centralparks and Central Europe friends,

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been affecting people all around the world.

It has compelled many governments to lock down their citizens to a degree unimaginable until recent times. It will probably cause the most brutal recession in history. In Europe, and around the world, governments are getting stricter, and the Carpathians, as the lungs of Europe, seem not to be immune. Biodiversity loss probably weakens our ability to combat pandemics or similar events and the deficiency of basic preparedness of individual countries might be an important obstacle for immediate and concrete responses. At this very sensitive stage of our lives, the Centralparks project would like to thank all those who are engaged on the front line contrasting the virus and assisting all those in need, wherever they are. We are sure that this time we are living in will affect our approach of carrying on our daily work, in such a way that no one gets left behind. Protecting Carpathian biodiversity, engaging as many people as possible and communicating to everyone will be vital for saving the lungs of Europe, the Carpathians.

We’re going to come out of this stronger than ever!