Photo gallery

Guided nature excursions in the Czech Carpathians

Following the introduction of safe preventive anti-epidemic measures in the Czech Republic, the Centralparks partner Education and Information Centre of Bílé Karpaty Mountains (VIS) was able to respond safely to the demand for excursions from the public. For more information click here.

Treasures of the Carpathians

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The Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee welcomes Centralparks

The Centralparks project was introduced to the Carpathian Convention Parties and stakeholders at the 10th meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee (CCIC), that took place on 12-13 December in Budapest, hosted by the Hungarian Presidency of the Convention. For more information click here.

Centralparks attending the Youth Green Conference

The Austrian-Ukrainian Youth Green Conference became a powerful tool to bring together young, bright people to talk about some pressing topics of today. For more information click here.

Partners prepare for the next steps in the Polish Carpathians

The two-day Project Partner and Steering Committee meeting of the Centralparks project united partners to evaluate the very first months of the project and jointly plan the next steps. For more information click here.

Centralparks at the EU Week of Regions and Cities

From the 7th to the 10th October our IVY volunteer Jonas attended the “European Week of Regions and Cities” at the EU headquarters in Brussels. For more information click here.

Workshop on innovative conservation planning methods

Centralparks partners and nature conservation experts gather in Szokolya, Hungary, to attend the workshop on innovative methods in conservation planning. For more information click here.

Joining the Communication Seminar in Budapest

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Attending the Interreg Central Europe Project Implementation Training

The training offered a great opportunity to learn more about successful project management and finances, as well as to meet other projects with similar topics in the programme. For more information click here.

Let’s get to know the partners: European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen (Eurac Research)

The lead partner, Eurac Research is a private non-profit advanced research centre established in 1992 in Bolzano, Italy. The activities of Eurac Research include national and international research projects as well as direct cooperation with public and private clients. For more information click here.

Project Kick-off meeting

16-17th of April, 2019, Bolzano, Italy. The expert meeting provided a platform for intense knowledge exchange through action plans, strategies and cooperation strategies that will provide guidance for the project. For more information click here.