Upcoming meeting of the Steering Committee of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas
2nd of December, 10:00 CET (Central European Time)

On the 2nd of December 2020, the roundtable meeting of the Steering Committee of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA SC) is due to take place, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, the Interreg CE Centralparks and Interreg DTP ConnectGREEN projects. The meeting aims at facilitating the exchange and plan the upcoming collaborative work focused on protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the Carpathians.

Carpathian roundtable meeting: progress and future plans

Centralparks is supporting the Carpathian Network of Protected Area’s endeavours in creating a more sustainable Carpathian region. The Steering Committee aims at supervising the work of the CNPA, assessing the progress and addressing the challenges the network might face. Supported by the ongoing Carpathian Interreg projects Centralparks and ConnectGREEN, the Steering Committee of the CNPA is conducting its next roundtable meeting, in online format, to discuss:

  • Relevant outcomes of the recent COP6 of the Carpathian Convention related to CNPA work and activities 
  • The strengthening of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas and its Steering Committee’s work in achieving biodiversity objectives
  • The uptake of the results from the Centralparks and ConnectGREEN projects
  • The organisation of upcoming CNPA events
  • The post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
  • The Carpathian Convention‘s and CNPA’s role in and contribution to the post-2020 process 
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Upcoming Carpathian events
The Living Planet and the Carpathians - Living Planet series Zoom webinar
3rd of December, 10:30 CET (Central European Time)

What is the future for the Carpathian Mountains? Join this webinar for an online discussion with:

  • Harald Egerer, Secretary of the Carpathian Convention and head of UNEP in Vienna, 
  • Dr Lubos Halada, Executive board member of Science for the Carpathians,
  • Irene Lucius, regional conservation director of WWF-CEE 

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