12th Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee and CNPA SC meeting

From 18th to 19th of November 2021, the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee and the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention organized the 12th Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee meeting in Krakow, Poland.

The first day sessions focused on the Carpathian Convention ongoing and planned activities, included reports by the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA) Steering Committee Chair and a presentation of the Centralparks project main results and progress in the CNPA revitalization process. In order to seek synergies and potential for further networks, Centralparks project’s outputs, developed solutions and best practices were presented, together with other similar local initiatives and projects, during the joint session of the Carpathian Convention and the Centrum GRID/Warsaw.

The second day sessions focused on the updates on the Carpathian Strategy development process and on the strengthen of networks within the Carpathian Convention discussed during a workshop supported by the project “Strengthening the ESD network in the Carpathian Convention via science-policy-practice interface”.

The event hosted a CNPA Steering Committee meeting, with the aim to discuss and agree on the recommendations elaborated during the 3rd CNPA Conference in Visegrad, September 2021. It also offered a platform to present best practices of protected areas management and facilitate a dialogue on further enhancement of cooperation between and within the protected areas in the Carpathians and other regions. Conference attendees heard about the valuable outputs of Centralparks, received inputs from the Steering Committee Members of the CNPA and discuss about CNPA next steps planned by the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention. One of them is the preparation of the next CNPA event, that will be held in the framework of the Centralparks project final conference, in Wieliczka (PL) on the 23rd and 24th of March 2022. 

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