Thematic workshops for local stakeholders in the Magura region

Action aims

A series of 4 thematic workshops for local stakeholders was held in October 2021 in the Magura region of Poland, in the frame of the Centralparks pilot action aimed at testing the draft “Strategy for local sustainable tourism development based on natural and cultural heritage of the Carpathians” at the local and regional level, according to one of the priorities of the current Polish Presidency of the Carpathian Convention.

The above draft strategy was elaborated in 2019-2020 under the Centralparks project in support for the implementation of the 2011 Protocol on Sustainable Tourism, and was submitted to the Parties of the Carpathian Convention on 10th June 2021. 

The Centralparks pilot action was carried out in 2021 in the buffer zone of Magura National Park. Its objective is to involve this protected area staff and relevant local stakeholders from the 7 municipalities in the joint elaboration and implementation of the local strategy for sustainable tourism development, based on the natural and cultural wealth of the shared region. 

Due to the proper timing of this activity, the resulting common local strategy can easily be integrated with the local development strategies for the new programming period 2022-2027, to be soon elaborated and adopted by the 7 municipalities surrounding the national park. 

The workshops

Thematic workshops held in October 2021 marked the next step in the pilot action implementation phase that commenced in June this year, when the local stakeholders attended a 3-day Centralparks preparatory workshop at the national park visitor center. 

Each workshop in October had a particular thematic focus: 

  • agritourism and local product (Nowy Żmigród, 5th Oct.)
  • education and heritage interpretation (Nowy Żmigród, 6th Oct.)
  • cultural and historical heritage (Krzywa, 7th Oct.)
  • branding and strategy management (Krzywa, 8th Oct.). 

Following this, the stakeholders’ inputs and feedback will serve to elaborate the Local Community Strategy for sustainable tourism development of the Magura region.       

The Ekopsychology Society* and the administration of Magura National Park jointly organized the workshops in Nowy Żmigród and Krzywa.

*Leader of the Centralparks thematic work package No 1 “Integration of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Carpathian Region”

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